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Thanks Mr.Jacobson

After 52 wonderful years Jacobson Photographic Instruments wishes to happily announce our CEO, CFO, Head Technical Designer, and Chief Floor Sweeper Mark Jacobson’s retirement to the beautiful Ojai valley. Before I ride off into the sunset I want to make sure all of the Amazing Photographers who have given me such a great life will have everything they need to get through their transition into the quiet mirrorless camera world. If anyone needs a new blimp body, lens tube, repair, or tune-up of any kind I’m keeping the office/shop open thru August 25th before closing the doors forever. Also if you know of anyone interested in the machine shop equipment it will all be available after I finish filling everybody’s orders, so come by early and take a look. I would especially love to see the equipment continuing on in Hollywood helping to make that Hollywood Movie Magic for another lucky persons lifetime.